How to Find Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services

water damage restoration

A leaky roof, a burst pipe, an extreme weather event – the potential causes of a water emergency in your home are vast. However, when these issues occur, it’s no time to panic.

Stay calm and think about what needs to be done to mitigate the damage and get things cleaned up as quickly as possible.

While you can attempt the cleanup process on your own, this isn’t highly recommended. A better option is to hire professional water damage restoration services.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of service providers to choose from. This means it’s up to you to find the right one. Keep reading for some tips that will help with this important decision.

Find a Company that Offers Immediate Response

The longer water damage is left to fester, the more damage it will cause. It’s imperative to find a water remediation service that offers immediate response to your call.

Some things to look for when evaluating potential companies include:

  • Does the company offer 24/7 response to calls?
  • How quickly can they begin the clean-up and restoration process?
  • Do they provide emergency planning services to ensure you have help when needed?

It’s a good idea to start narrowing down the list of service providers based on the answers to these questions.

Verified Ratings

After a major disaster, such as a hurricane, flood, etc., there will be an array of “fly-by-night” repair service operations popping up. These individuals usually travel door-to-door in affected areas trying to get homeowners to pay upfront for services they never deliver.

A good way to avoid this fate is by searching for companies that have a proven history of satisfied customers. While positive reviews are a good place to start, these aren’t the only indication of a quality service provider. Get recommendations from relatives, friends, and co-workers, too.

It never hurts to check out the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau either.

Cost Clarification

A professional restoration company can assess the damage and work that needs to be done. This allows them to provide you with a detailed outline of what the services will cost before work is done.

The contract you are given to sign should include the materials and services being used/provided, and a start and finish date for the work.

If a company doesn’t want to provide you with the cost of their services upfront, this should be a red flag. Before signing anything, make sure all information is available and easy for you to understand. This helps to eliminate additional charges and surprises.

Understands the Insurance Claims Process

For many people, the most tedious and frustrating part of dealing with water damage is filing an insurance claim successfully. Search for a service provider that is responsive and experienced, as they can document the damage present and file the claims in a timely manner.

Use of the Latest Equipment and Techniques

Water damage events require the use of high-tech equipment and methods to remove all traces of moisture. Specialized mapping techniques, moisture meters, industrial air movers, and powerful dehumidifiers help to differentiate quality service providers from mediocre ones.

The power offered by advanced machinery and proper techniques helps to speed up the drying process, which leaves you with a home (or business) that is restored sooner, than later.

Also, once moisture is removed, mold growth is halted. This helps to prevent new mold colonies from growing in the future, too.

A fast restoration will improve the chances you have to restore important documents, artwork, and other materials, too.

Acts in a Professional Manner

When you hire any service provider, you need to ensure they will treat and your home and possessions with the care and respect deserved. Water disasters are both frustrating and stressful. Having a trustworthy and professional restoration team can help to alleviate some of the stress of the situation.

Make sure to evaluate the company by speaking to service professionals and other staff members. If they have a nonchalant and uncaring attitude about your situation, you probably need to look for the restoration services you need elsewhere.

Guarantee for Services

Any quality restoration service will guarantee the services they offer. If no guarantee is offered (in writing), continue your search. The last thing you need is for flood- or water damage- related issues to pop up several months after the restoration is complete.

Don’t Put Off Water Damage Restoration

Remember, the longer water is allowed to sit in your home and among your belongings, the more damage it will cause. Act fast by calling a quality water damage restoration service right away.

In fact, it’s a good idea to determine what company you should use before a water event occurs. Since this is something that can occur at any time, having an idea of the best service providers in your area will be extremely beneficial.

If you are in a situation where you need the help of the pros right away, contact us. Our team offers free estimates for restoration services and can get started right away.

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