What to Do About Pet Urine Stains

pet urine

Do you have a new puppy? An aging cat? A furry friend who isn’t feeling well? A pet who’s ***** off at you, literally and figuratively? No matter the species and whatever the reason, you have some pet urine stains to deal with.

Having pet urine in your carpet can drive you to distraction. Simply knowing it’s there can cause you to smell it all the time—or at least think you smell it. You’re trying hard to forgive the pet responsible for the mishap. You just want it to go away!

So keep reading. We’ll share several possible remedies to try, depending on the longevity and severity of the stain. It might take time, but it will go away.

Try These Home Remedies First for Pet-Stain Removal

If your pet has an accident, you should deal with it as soon as you know. Soak up what you can with paper towels. Then blot the wet area until it’s as dry as you can get it. Apply as much pressure as needed to get it dry below the surface.

If you need something that’s already in your house, pour some baking soda on the wet area. This will neutralize the odor. Allow it to dry completely (overnight) and vacuum in the morning.

Another home remedy to try: a simple mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda to cover the spot. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then blot it dry. This simple “recipe” recipe can be found in various configurations all over the web.

While you’re waiting for the wet area to dry, buy some enzymatic cleaner to have on hand the next time. Be aware that pets often return to the same location to pee again; it’s their new “turf.”

So it would help if you disabused them of that notion.

Once the area has dried, put up obstacles like heavy objects to make the site more challenging and less appealing to your pet. If the area has a rug, not carpeting, we recommend placing layers of towels underneath to capture any pet urine that finds its way through.

The “Big Guns”: Enzymatic Cleaners and Odor-Removers

To get to the heart of pet stain removal and eliminate pet urine stains for good, you need to think like a scientist. Ask yourself, what is pet urine comprised of, and how do I attack it from that angle?

Fortunately, enzymatic cleaning products like Simple Solution Oxy Charged and Eco 88 already exist. And most get excellent reviews.

So you don’t need to take your pet’s urine to a lab for analysis. But it is helpful to understand how enzymes work. This is especially true if you need to try many cleaner brands before finding one that helps your situation.

And the good news about using enzymatic cleaners for carpet odors is that they’re non-toxic and good for the environment. They are far safer than traditional carpet cleaning agents, which often contain toxic chemicals.

What if the Pet Has Stopped Peeing, but the Spot’s Still There?

If you already used baking soda for the preliminary stain and odor removal, that was not a waste of time. You neutralized the pet urine, and if you still have carpet stains, they could have been worse if you had done nothing at the outset.

Still, signs of their return always bring disappointment on the part of pet owners. Pet homes are already stereotyped as smelly and filled with pet hair. Having pet stains only confirms this. But we have encouraging news about this.

There are two possible reasons for a pet stain to return. The first is that the original stain wicked into the carpet pad and found its way back to the surface.

In this case, place a folded white terry cloth towel over the spot immediately after cleaning it and while it’s still moist. Then place a heavy object (like a brick or a bowl filled with heavy items) on the cloth.

And don’t forget where any problem stains were. That way, when you have your carpet cleaned by professionals, you can ask them to give extra attention to those locations.

The second possibility for the spot’s return is that it’s actually a new spot. Uh oh! It’s time to find ways to prevent your pet (or pets) from returning to the familiar smells in the soiled areas of your carpet.

Pet Urine Prevention is Worth (More Than) a Pound of Cure

We’re wondering if cleaning pet urine has kept you from thinking about why one (or more) of your pets are eliminating in the wrong places?

It might help prevent the recurring need for pet-stain removal if you consider the pet’s habits and expectations. For example, has there been an interruption in their routine?


If it’s a dog causing the problem, it’s most likely due to a change in the times they’re walked or let out. Perhaps your work schedule has changed? Or could it be a recent spell of bad weather that’s kept you indoors?

Either way, you need to do some retraining by watching your dog as carefully as possible. And when they approach “the spot,” you need to take the dog out right away—just like a puppy. Then reward them for “doing their business” outdoors.

Another possibility, for dogs and cats both, is that there’s a deeper concern. It could be a bladder infection or something else that needs checking by a veterinarian.


Cats are different, for the most part. If they don’t seem sick or already have a clean bill of health, consider the litter boxes. Have you moved them recently? Introduced a new type of litter? Added a new pet to the family?

Cats can get upset easily if anything disrupts their routines. Be sure to give them lots of attention. And, above all, make sure there’s more than one litter box (especially with more than one cat), and make sure that it’s immaculate at all times.

We forgot to mention that love and forgiveness are among the best ways to prevent carpet stains and odors from pet urine. For young to middle-aged pets, especially, inappropriate elimination can be a call for attention.

So be sure to give them lots of love and affection. Believe us; they will return it!

Call the Carpet Cleaning Professionals

We’ll leave it to you, the pet owners, to deal with your pets’ behavioral issues. Many of us have pet problems of our own. But we can do a lot for your pet urine-soiled rugs and carpets. We’re carpet cleaning professionals, after all.

We’re Towers Restoration & Cleaning. If you have intractable pet stains or any other carpet stains, let us know. We can solve your carpet problems and much more!

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