Expert Tips on How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

how to get coffee stains out of carpet

Did you know that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day? Whether you make your joe at home or head to your local coffee shop for your favorite specialty drink, you’re one of the millions who have made coffee one of America’s most popular drinks.

The only problem? Coffee beans contain nine major acids that are released during the brewing process. This makes it one of the more difficult stains to eradicate.

If you’re wondering how to get coffee stains out of carpet, you’ve come to the right place. 

Read on to find out what to do when your morning pick-me-up drips or spills on your carpet.

Strike While the Coffee’s Hot

If you’ve just spilled coffee on the carpet and you’re looking for a solution right away, you’re starting out on the right foot. It’s easiest to remove coffee stains from the carpet when the stains haven’t dried or been stepped on.

Grab a paper towel or clean rag and get blotting. Blot from the outside of the stain and work toward the center to avoid causing the stain to spread. Make sure that you are truly blotting, not rubbing or scrubbing, which is guaranteed to spread the stain and push the coffee deeper into the carpet’s fibers.

Once you’ve absorbed all or most of the liquid, pour a few teaspoons of cold water on the affected area. Then, blot the area again.

Blotting a still-wet coffee stain will take care of the worst of the mess, but you may still need to make a cleaning solution and give it a second go.

Tackling a Dried Out Stain? Start With This Step

So, maybe when you spilled that coffee, you were in a hurry and didn’t have time to stop and clean it up. We get it!

If you’re tackling a stain that has been dry for a few days, grab a paper towel or clean rag and a few teaspoons of warm water. Wet the stain with the warm water to help loosen up that dried coffee. Then, use your paper towel or clean rag and blot the stain the same way that you would if you were blotting up a brand new spill. 

Make Your Own Coffee Cleaner

You’ve blotted to the best of your ability but there’s still a hint of coffee on your carpet. No problem! We’re going to teach you how to make a simple carpet cleaning solution with materials you can find around your home.

To make a cleaner for your coffee stained carpet, you will need:

  • One tablespoon of white vinegar
  • One tablespoon of liquid dish soap
  • Two cups of warm water

It’s important that you use liquid dish soap for this mixture, rather than something like Castille soap. When you mix vinegar with Castille soap, the mixture takes on a curdled consistency and becomes rather useless.

Dish soap and vinegar, on the other hand, come together to make a solution that can cut right through that acidic coffee. Grab a new, clean paper towel or dish rag and dip it in your mixture. Then, blot the stain the same way you did before: starting on the outside and making your way toward the center.

Cream and Sugar? No Problem

If you take your coffee with cream and/or sugar, you may find that the stain is a little more difficult to remove. The good news is that it’s nothing you can’t handle! You’ll just want to make an additional cleaning mixture.

To break down that cream and sugar, you will need:

  • One capful of laundry detergent that contains enzymes
  • One cup of warm water

Combine your ingredients and grab yet another clean paper towel or rag. Dab at the stain with your laundry detergent mixture to help break apart and remove the sticky residue left behind by cream and/or sugar.

Rinse and Dry

Once you’ve completed all of the steps that apply to your coffee stain, it’s time to rinse out your carpet! Cold water is best for this step, and a few tablespoons to 1-2 cups will do the trick, depending on the size of the stain. Go ahead and pour your water on the stain.

Now, you’ll need your final clean paper towel or rag to dry the wetted area. Blot up as much liquid as you can before allowing the area to air dry. Try to prevent walking on this part of the carpet until it’s completely dry.

Removing More Than Just a Drip? Towers Can Handle It

Are you dealing with more than just a small stain? Is a DIY cleaner not going to cut it? Towers Restoration and Cleaning is ready to get out those coffee stains with our professional carpet cleaning services.

To sweeten the deal, we also offer carpet protection services. Not only do our protective solutions slow the process of wear and tear but they also make it easier to remove future stains. That means that next time your morning cup of joe jumps out of your hands, cleaning up the mess will be a breeze!

We Can Do More Than Teach You How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

Coffee is one of America’s favorite beverages–and one of America’s toughest stains. Learning how to get coffee stains out of carpet is kind of our thing and we’re more than happy to pass on our expertise. The good news for you is that we can help you out with a whole lot more!

Are you looking for a restoration and cleaning company that can tackle everything from stained carpet to dirty grout? Towers Restoration & Cleaning has you covered. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you and we’ll get back to you right away.

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