Do I Have to Use the Restoration Company Insurance Refers?

restoration company
restoration company

When you want to be safe in your home and protected financially, you’ll always want to keep your house insured.

Having homeowner’s insurance means having a plan that covers your house for flooding and other types of water damage. These plans will help you pay for your water damage restoration services whenever you need it.

But do you have to go with the restoration company that your insurance provider refers you to?

We’ll answer that question and a lot more below.

What Should I Do When I Have a Flooding or Water Damage Emergency?

The first thing you will need to do is address whatever the emergency is head-on. If this is a plumbing problem that is flooding your interior, you will need to find your water valve so you can stop the flow of water.

It might also mean getting electrical fixtures or other hazards out of the way so that you can stay safe.

Very shortly after that, it’s important that you reach out to your insurance provider. They will begin taking the details of the situation so that they can process a claim and get you in touch with a restoration contractor.

Your company will point you toward some contractors that they are familiar with and have a relationship with.

Do I Have to Use the Restoration Company That the Insurance Company Chooses?

While your insurance provider will advise you and give you some options for which restoration professionals to hire, you aren’t under any obligation to choose those companies.

You have the full freedom to choose any contractor that you feel comfortable with. When you talk to those contractors, double-check that they accept insurance from your provider, and then you can get in touch with your insurance company to set up the work appointment.

Your insurance company is using their experience when suggesting a company to you, so always take it under consideration, and then make the most informed decision that you can.

What Kind of Damage Issues Do I Have to Be Aware Of?

Now that you know that you have control over the situation, it’s important to be aware of what types of water damage are possible, and what it means for your household.

Here are a few of the most common ramifications of these water damage situations.

1. Water Damage Restoration For Physical Property

When your property gets flooded with water, you will naturally deal with physical damages.

This water will quickly begin to stain, damage and deteriorate your walls. You will also deal with damage to your furniture and any other property — especially those made with wood and other materials.

It can also mean getting a wet vacuum and carpet treatments to protect, fix and clean your flooring until it looks great and smells fresh again.

On average, water damage restoration will cost you about $3,000 or so.

2. Losses For Property That is Irreparable

Not everything is replaceable.

For the items that are of sentimental value, one of a kind, or otherwise important, you’ll want to be sure your insurance policy covers it. If there are specific belongings of value, you should take out individual policies on them.

3. Mold and Mildew Damage

Water damage also brings about the likelihood of mold or mildew.

Mold can also be harmful to your health if you breathe it in or get it on your skin. It can start breeding inside your walls, beneath your floorboards and all over your building virtually undetected if you don’t clean up your water in a timely manner.

It will also lead to damp-smelling, muggy mildew that make your home uninhabitable.

You will need to act quickly to dry your building, or mold and mildew in your home will become a certainty.

4. Insurance to Cover Plumbing Work

If the water damage was caused by a pipe break or other structural issues, you will need the help of a plumbing professional.

As such, you will definitely need to take out an insurance policy that will cover this plumbing work. You won’t have to hire the plumber that your homeowner’s insurance provider suggests, so this will open you up to shopping with several different plumbers in your city.

5. Coverage For the Loss of Access to Your Business

It’s also important to take out a policy that accounts for lost access to your home.

When you have to call up a restoration contractor, it may mean that you’ll lose access to your home while they work and leave parts left unfinished. Your home might also be a health and safety hazard following significant water damage.

How Do I Find the Best Restoration Contractor?

When you’re in need of help from a water damage restoration contractor, it’s important that you do research of your own.

Whether you hire the assistance of a professional that your insurance company suggests or not, you should background check the company, verify their Better Business Bureau (BBB) information, and ask to see copies of their insurance and license.

You are relying on these companies to handle an incredible amount of work in your home that will affect your property values and quality of life.

Always take every precaution and do your homework before hiring a company.

Work With a Top-Notch Restoration Company

Choosing a restoration company will allow you to get work done when you need it the most. These tips will let you know your rights and obligations, as you start researching the best contractors around.

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