Carpet Smells Like Mildew? Here’s What to Do

carpet smells like mildew

After a major storm or faulty plumbing issue that causes flooding in the home, carpeting can hold a lot of moisture. From moisture, mildew can start to grow and fill your home with a musty smell. Have you had some type of flood or excessive water spill on your carpet and now it smells funky?…

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How Often Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning?

carpet cleaning

In 2017, experts in the carpeting industry claimed 51% of American homes had carpet. Even with the love of hardwood flooring gaining traction, many people prefer the look, care, and appeal of having carpet throughout their home. However, one of the most important things to remember when it comes to carpeting is providing it with…

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This Is How to Clean an Area Rug the Right Way

how to clean an area rug

A 2013 study by the National Realtor’s Association found that 54% of new home buyers preferred hardwood flooring so much they were willing to offer more on a home that had it. Our design tastes changed from wall-to-wall carpeting to hardwood or laminate. Now more than ever, area rugs are so vital for our interior…

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What to Do About Pet Urine Stains

pet urine

Do you have a new puppy? An aging cat? A furry friend who isn’t feeling well? A pet who’s ***** off at you, literally and figuratively? No matter the species and whatever the reason, you have some pet urine stains to deal with. Having pet urine in your carpet can drive you to distraction. Simply…

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This Is How to Get Old Stains Out of Carpet

how to get old stains out of carpet

Carpet is a beautiful flooring option that turns any room into a warm and cozy space… until you spill a glass of wine or your kids somehow smear the peanut butter and jelly sandwich everywhere. You can’t just wipe up those types of spills, but that doesn’t mean your carpet is ruined forever. You don’t…

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5 Amazing Tips on How to Remove Dog Smell From Carpet

how to remove dog smell from carpet

Are you a pet owner who is also following the carpet trend for homeowners? Dogs make great companions, especially with their health benefits to heart attack patients and those who need emotional or physical assistance. Dog owners also know how difficult it is to clean up after their canine friends. Carpets are notorious for being…

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Can Wet Carpet Be Saved After a Flood?

wet carpet

Each year, floods can cost about $2 billion in property damages. These costs to repair your home can be devastating, especially considering what was damaged. Wet carpet may be one of the most frustrating things to fix. If you’ve just experienced flooding in your home, you may be wondering if you can salvage soaking wet carpets.…

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How Long For Carpet To Dry?

close up image of beige carpet with "Is your carpet uglying out?" written on red circle

DID YOU KNOW that when you have your carpet professionally cleaned it can take as little as one hour to dry — and, according to some reports, as long as THREE DAYS to dry? According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, the certifying body for professional carpet cleaners, carpet should…

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How Dangerous is Mold in Your Home?

dangerous mold home

Everyone wants the safest, healthiest home environment for his or her families. You would do anything to protect your loved ones from exposure to any substance that could cause them harm. One of those feared substances is “mold” and with what you have seen in the news in recent years, exposure to harmful or “toxic”…

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Q: How Do I Remove Gum from Carpet ? – Sylvia

How Do I Remove Gum

A : Unfortunately, gum can get tracked into your house on the bottom of your shoe and stick in your carpet. There are ways to remove gum from carpet if it embeds itself in carpet fibers. Gather ice cubes into a resalable plastic bag and lay it on top of the gum wad. Alternatively, a frozen…

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Can you tell me what protectors do & what my benifit would be if I had this done? – Ted

Why Carpet Protector

Unfortunately there is probably as much confusion in the carpet cleaning industry about carpet protectors as there is about cleaning. Uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners cause a great deal of confusion by giving out false information or intentionally misrepresenting the product. A nylon stain-resist carpet is made with two protective properties: The first…

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Why do spots keep returning on my carpet ?- Brenda

Why do spots keep returning

There are two reasons that spots return:  Reason # 1: Wicking. Many times, the spot that is being removed has seeped into the backing of the carpet. This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in “volume”. The material dries in the backing and the cushion (pad) of the carpet. When…

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