9 Tips for Finding an Incredible Flood Cleanup Crew

flood cleanup

Did you know that during the 2019 flood season over 200 million Americans were at risk of flooding?

Sadly, in the last few years more and more people have become victims of flooding and other natural disasters.

True, human life is the most important thing to protect. However, after the disaster, there is an emotional toll. You may have lost precious items or they may be seriously damaged. You may have filled your house with family memories, however, now it is filled with mud.

During these times it is important to start the cleanup operation as soon as possible.

How can you choose the best flood cleanup crew? What will they do for you? Why not take a moment to read our in-depth article to find out.

1. Does the Company Have Insurance and Certification

The company that you will choose to come and work in your house should have certification and insurance documents. There are a number of national organizations that have set standards regarding restoration. One of these is the Restoration Industry Association.

Not only will you be able to learn the standards that the cleanup crew will abide to but you also know that they will be accountable in case of a negative experience.

If your home is in a flood zone or could be in the near future, why not research what certification is available in your area.

2. Speed of Response

In your time of need, the cleanup crew should be able to arrive and start work as soon as possible after your call.

The initial hours after water entry are crucial in saving items such as carpets and other textiles. The cleanup crew should be able to provide guarantees regarding the time of arrival.

3. Clear Communication

While it is urgent to start cleaning up as quickly as possible, a professional company should take the time to show you, in simple terms, what they will do. This will reassure you that they have a clear plan in mind and you should also know how long it will take.

Clear communication also involves the communication of costs. If you are paying an hourly fee, they should provide you with an approximate indication of how many hours the work will last.

Clear communication will help you avoid experiencing stress whilst dealing with your flood disaster.

4. Trustworthy Portfolio

If flooding is a common occurrence in your area, the cleanup company will be able to provide you with a portfolio of projects that they have worked on. They may be able to provide proof they they have worked on houses similar to yours.

An experienced company will also help you to liaise with your insurance company. They will be experienced in providing the documentation that you need to be reimbursed.

5. Referrals from Friends and Family

A professional company will not just provide a restoration service but will understand the emotional impact of the event on the house owner. Sympathy is a priceless service at a stressful time.

Enquire with friends and family for a recommendations. You could ask them not only about the service and price but about their experience with the company.

6. You Get What You Pay For

When considering which company you will choose, it could be very tempting to choose the cheapest. After all, you will have many other costs associated with the disaster. However, this could easily be a mistake.

It is better to pay a little extra and have the work done by a company that will create an extensive plan and thoroughly clean your home correctly the first time. If a cheaper company does a poor, you may find that your have to call a second company. Avoid this by paying for a premium service the first time.

7. Additional Services

A cleanup crew will specialize in water damage restoration within your house. However, they may be able to do even more. If the water entry has been significant, you may have a potential mold problem. A cleanup crew may be able to carry out mold testing and remove it.

They may even be able to remove water damaged drywall sections and replace them. This could save you significant personal time in calling a tradesman. Why not enquire with the cleanup company what else they can do for you?

8. Is The Company Available 24/7?

While many businesses will work from 08:00-17:00, a professional cleanup company is always available.

They will know that after a flood the first 24 hours are critical in preventing mold and will be able to come and give attention to your home at any hour. Emergency services are around the clock to protect human life and their livelihood. A professional cleanup crew should always be available to care for your home.

9. What is the Plan?

If you have to leave your house temporarily because of water damage, you will likely be wondering what the next steps are and when you can return.

A professional cleanup crew will meet with you and show you their roadmap for recovering your home. You will likely be able to estimate when you can return to your home based on this.

In this same plan, you will see the steps the company will take and at least an estimate of the final cost.

The Best Flood Cleanup Advice and Much More

The aftermath of a flood is emotionally and physically harrowing. You may have to say goodbye to many treasured items and face the fact that it will be some time before your house is restored.

By choosing an effective flood cleanup crew, you reduce this painful experience to the shortest time possible.

If you are interested in learning more about house restoration or generally keeping your house as clean as possible, then we are here to help.

We leverage our years of experience in the cleaning industry to bring you premium services and advice. Why not contact us to see how we can help you today.

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