7 Essential Carpet Cleaning Before and After Must-Know Tips

carpet cleaning before and after

Are you planning to give your carpet at home an extensive round of deep-cleaning? Then your best bet is to call a professional carpet cleaning company. They have the proper tools and ample knowledge to clean your carpets down to the deepest levels.

This is crucial considering many health risks lie underneath your filthy carpets.

However, achieving the best results does not involve professional cleaners alone. You must also do your part before and after the cleaning process. But what exactly are your duties?

Check out our seven essential carpet cleaning before and after tips that every homeowner should practice.

1. Start Some Vacuuming

Although professional carpet cleaning should take care of the job, there are ways that you can further augment the results of the cleaning process. As we mentioned earlier, there is a part you can play that will take the cleaning results to the next level.

Hours before the cleaners arrive, vacuum your carpet the way you normally would. Your goal is to remove as much dust and debris you can before the deep-cleaning begins.

Do take note that there are professional cleaners that take care of this task. However, vacuuming your carpet ahead will help save more time.

2. Clear the Area of All Fragile Items

Do you have fragile items in the areas close to the carpet? Make sure to remove all your valuable stuff before the carpet cleaner service arrives. These items include your fine china, porcelain, and picture frames.

If you have other breakable items like tabletop lamps and precious statues and figurines, stow them away as well. You can keep these items in your spare room during the cleaning procedure.

Make sure to lock and secure the room. Alternatively, you may keep them inside your car’s trunk.

As for your furniture, you need to push them a bit away from the area. Move your furniture, especially the smaller ones. These include your small tables, dining chairs, and ottomans.

Also, take note of the problem areas on your carpet. These are the portions that may have hard-to-remove stains. Make sure to indicate these areas to the cleaners so they can pay more attention to them during the process.

And if you have kids at home, keep them away from the cleaning area. Keep them busy inside their room until the cleaners leave. This will keep them away from inhaling dust, dirt, and any solutions the cleaners may use.

3. Clean Your HVAC Registers

Cleaning HVAC and baseboards is one of those things homeowners tend to forget before cleaning their carpets. Yes, cleaning them will not have a direct impact on the actual cleaning of the professionals. However, this is an important step you shouldn’t miss.

Why so? Because dusting your baseboards and HVAC keeps your carpets from accumulating dirt quickly. This is an important tip that will extend the results of the professional cleaners’ work.

4. No Small Items on the Floor

Aside from vacuuming your carpets, make sure no small items are lying on the floor. These can be your children’s toys, clothes, or shoes. If you have floor lamps and wastebaskets, remove them as well.

Doing this will help clear the space for the cleaners. It will also ensure that they cover every spot and corner of the carpets.

You may want to tie up your drapes and dust raffles. This will prevent them from creating obstructions between the cleaners and their tools.

5. Clear Your Parking Space

Sometimes, you may need to clear up your parking space for the carpet cleaners. This is because some professional cleaners come with truck-mounted equipment. This is common for large-scale tasks involving multiple carpets in bigger sizes.

You want your cleaners to park their vehicle as close to your entry door as possible. This will ensure that their hoses will have enough clearance and mobility.

If you can, park your vehicle outside fronting your house until the cleaning process is over.

6. Know When You Can Walk 

As we discussed earlier, what happens immediately after the professional carpet cleaning service will determine if you will achieve optimal results. Hence, the first thing you need to resolve is when is the best time for you to walk again on your carpets.

The rule of thumb is to wait for about 6 hours after the cleaning process. Allowing your carpets to rest will give it enough time to dry up. This will also allow any solutions to set in and work their magic.

If you walk too soon, you can easily transfer the dirt and dust from your shoes into the carpet.

Never walk on your carpets if there are still signs of moisture. Dirt can go deep inside the fabric of your carpets, making them harder to remove.

Also, keeping away from your wet carpets can be tricky if you have small children at home. Thus, make sure to keep watch over them within the six-hour window.

Or better yet, keep them inside their room until the carpets are all dry.

7. Return Furniture a Day After

When it comes to your furniture, return them to their original spots after 24 hours. This is because furniture is heavier than all your other home items.

Additional Reminders

Apart from these carpet cleaning before and after tips, there are habits that you need to develop to keep your carpets looking clean and beautiful longer.

If you or your children have asthma, cleaning your carpets regularly is non-negotiable. Your carpets are sources of dust mites and other allergens that can trigger asthma attacks. Hence, make it a habit to call a professional cleaner at least once a year.

If you spill coffee or soda on your carpets, clean them right away. Don’t wait for them to dry up and leave stains. If you need to walk across your carpets, make sure to take off your shoes.

Use These Carpet Cleaning Before and After Tips

Following these essential carpet cleaning before and after tips will help bring out the real beauty and elegance of your carpets. But still, the bulk of the deep cleaning takes place in the hands of a professional cleaner. And if you’re looking for a company you can trust, then you came to the right place.

Connect with us today and let us know your requirements. We offer deep-cleaning services for carpets in homes and in offices. We also clean hardwood, tiles, and upholstery.

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