5 Signs You Have Dirty Air Ducts in Your Home

dirty air ducts

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is what all homeowners desire. In the summer, the air conditioning is on, and in the winter, the heater is on. With the HVAC systems running almost 24/7 the chances of developing dirty air ducts multiply.

You may not know it or may not see it, but your home could already have it if the vents have buildup. Household air pollution and dust are a real and serious thing and can compromise the health of you and your family.

Clean, quality makes the space you live in more breathable. If you’re not sure your home has dusty air ducts, read on to learn five tell-tale signs.

1. Newfound or Worsening Respiratory and Allergy Issues

Particles of dust in the air and home have a profound effect on respiratory health issues like allergies, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some people are sensitive to pollen, animal fur, or dust. When respiratory symptoms occur on a regular basis, many brush it off as simple allergies.

However, when you start your mornings with itchy eyes, a sore throat or running nose that is recent or more frequent, the problem could be your house. Dirty air vents could be full of the pollen, dust, and mold that makes you or someone at home feel sick.

Some people may be able to narrow the issue to the vents better if they remain in close proximity to it. They may feel hot or sneeze more at home than when they are away from a vent.

2. Electricity Bills Are High

Any time we use our HVAC system, we expect the bill to go up because it’s one of the top high energy consumption appliances. In the event you have dirty ducts due to build-up, the air that is supposed to circulate and heat or cool your home is trapped.

This causes uneven distribution, and your HVAC must work more to deliver the desired temperature you set. The added energy usage can drive your electricity bill up more than normal.

The best way to verify this is by comparing your recent utility bills with your older bills. If you look closer at your account, you will also be able to look at your monthly wattage usage. You will have a better idea of determining what items used the most energy by deducing what appliances were in use.

3. There Is Visible Dirt or Mold Surrounding Your HVAC System

Every now and then you must clean and dust your home to keep it from debris. It’s not unusual to see some dust in your house. What does raise an eyebrow is when that dirt begins to build-up quicker than it used to.

Anytime the HVAC is in use, the vents will cover your home with dust. The accumulation may be so bad that your furniture and rooms are full of contaminants. To prevent this, you should make sure to clean your vents on a monthly basis or get professional duct cleaning done.

Take a look at your vents to see if there is a considerable amount of dirt. Dirty ducts may be more serious if debris on the vents return not long after you wipe them down.

4. Loud Noises Are Coming From the Duct

Once you’ve adjusted to your home, you know every sound it makes from the refrigerator to appliances that are in use. If there is a funny or different sound, you will notice it right away.

When HVAC systems are on, the duct system doesn’t typically make noise. Minor noises you should hear is the occasional “whooshing” sound or the blower motor every now and then.  If there is added noise coming from it, it’s a definite sign you have accumulated dust within it.

Dirty air vents result in weaker airflow in the house. While the system works more to do its job, you still may not always get normal air.

Another issue you may experience is poor circulation. You can test this by placing your hands over the vent to grasp how major or minor the blockage is.

5. You Are Experiencing a Pest Problem

Bugs are a problem with any house, and they may infest your home even if it’s clean. With the proper methods, you can keep your home free from them. Nonetheless, if you see a large number of insect droppings or husks of their shells, particularly near your vents, the infestation may be due to your ducts.

Bugs and rodents are smart and do not stay out in the open for you to see them. They will create a home somewhere that is dark, inconspicuous, and hard for you to reach. This can make vents an ideal spot for them to take residence.

If you had a previous pest problem somewhere in your house, such as the attic, it should be a good idea to clean the ducts as well. Most homes in the room have air ducts where the source of the problem could be.

Cleaning these pests from ducts not only helps prevent re-infestation, but it also helps everyone in the house from getting sick. Some bugs, and especially rodents, carry a variety of diseases that may cause serious illness if not removed.

Cleaning Dirty Air Ducts

You should clean dirty air ducts in your home if you notice any of these signs. It would also be beneficial to do so if you have animals at home, recently moved, or you expect a baby. Cleaning the ducts will prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

It is best to clean your vents often to prevent contaminants like bacteria and dust from breeding that can affect your health. Doing it yourself is not as hard as one may think.

If you do require assistance and have a massive accumulation of dirt in your vents, you can contact us and request an estimate or service today.

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